Thursday, December 18, 2008

My stamping room---After, all clean, organized, and rearranged

Ok, well, it is very hard to keep a desk clean enough to take pictures of it. A clean desk is a sign of a non-creative person...they aren't busy making things, and thus needing anything out to use, lol. This is my colder months arrangement--notice my wall mounted heater which I have to sit next to, or I will freeze to death! I was so happy that my table just fit between the steps to the kitchen, and the outer wall. Then I put my desk up against it at a right angle. This gives me an L shaped work area, and I can use the back side as a wall to the rest of the room. I have hooks on the back of my desk that I hang my coats and purse/bags on.

I mounted the storage cases for the ribbon and embellies that I use the most up on the wall. This really helps to see what I have without having to open each case everytime. I can just walk over there, and scan it over. I keep my very most used items on the slide out part of my desk as well.

Right below the hanging embellies organizers, is my paper storage area. My dh helped me customize this cabinet. I put 2 packs of cardstock on each shelf, and they are labeled with hanging tags. I keep them in the seasons in the order that they are listed in the CTMH Idea Book. I still have to switch out the retired colors for the new ones. The extra shelves on the bottom right are for the level 2 paper packets.

Lily moved out of the kitchen, and into my room. I had to decorate around it. She only uses her kennel when nobody is home, or if she needs a timeout. I keep cards that are ready to use in the baskets. The wire rack on the wall is my old ribbon storage. I still keep the ribbons up there that I don't use as much. I took them off of the spools and put them into mason jars.

Now we're coming into my creative area. I took the doors off of the cabinet behind my desk because the area is a little too tight, and it is so much easier without them. I keep my stamp sets in photo storage boxes by category, and I can usually get around 25 in a box. My glitters, beads, and sparkly stuff are in the drawer organizers below the stamp sets. The bottom shelf has my magazines, Idea Books, and E-size stamp sets.

The shelf up top holds my buttons, reinkers, and sassy strands & window charms are in the big white basket. I keep my sponges and flowers organized in ice cube trays. Spools of ribbon fit nice in cardboard trays I brought home from work. These are the ribbons that I am more likely to use, so they get a prime spot right in my stamping area, not across the room by the other ribbon. Sorry, this pic doesn't show off my pretty ribbon very well. Up at the very top, I have my cuttlebug, bind it all, and laminator machines.

Here is one of the outside doors to my room. This one leads to the driveway, and the main door for "public" traffic. The family (me, jim, the doggies) uses a door that isn't shown, it is to the right of the cabinet next to the stamp sets. It leads to a fenced in area of the yard, and the garage. Anyway, I hang display boards when I need to hide my teaching/planning books and files.

So that concludes the tour. If I would ever get the chance to clean off my desk, and manage to take a picture before it gets messed up again, I will be sure to post it. If you need to see anything closer, click on the picture, and it will be HUGE.


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