Monday, August 25, 2008

Build a Snowman Card Won 1st Place!!!

Here's a sneak peek at November's Stamp of the Month "All Decked Out." I have been wishing for a build-a-snowman stamp set! The card on the left is the snowman in pieces in the snowbank. There is a piece of metal inside the card, and adhesive-magnet on the back of the pieces, so you can play with the card and build yourself a snowman (right card.) The only thing that will ever melt is your heart when you use this set! This set is so cute, I can't wait for November to teach you how fun these snowmen are!!!

Update--I just found out that this card won first place in the CTMH Make it From Your Heart Contest! That means I get to pick out $100 in free product!!! Check it out here!


April said...

Love this card. The magnet idea is too clever!


Nicole said...

Julie this is so cute! First, I happen to just think that stamp set is adorable, but would have never thought to do a card like this. Awesome!

Tracy said...

Very imaginative!!
And Congratulations!!

ScrappyStuff said...

looks good ~ you have mail!